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Ham slices


Green and blue food coloring



Cooking spray

2tblsp oil

 Pan or griddle


~~Fill bowl with water

~~Add green food coloring ( about 5 drops)



You want enough green to color the ham


~~Place ham slices in bowl of green water

~~Let soak until desired color is reached

~~Put oil in bowl

~~Crack egg into bowl (careful! Do not break yolk)

~~Swirl egg in bowl carefully

~~Coat pan or griddle with spray oil

~~Slide egg onto pan or griddle

~~As the egg begins to cook add more green food coloring to egg whites only

~~As the egg begins to cook pierce egg yolk

~~Add a drop or two of blue food coloring on top of yolk only (best done when the film starts to form over yolk)

~~Remove ham from water

~~Heat in pan or griddle until hot

~~Serve on a plate together

Other Methods to

achieve green eggs:



Place three drops of green food coloring in saucer and mix with 2 Tablespoons of oil. Break egg into dish. Swirl. Slide into another saucer. Swirl. What you get is a green marbleized coloring of the egg white. The yolk stays yellow. Slide into a no-stick skillet and fry.


Hard boil:

For a marbleized effect, don't peel cooked eggs, but crack and crush shell and drop the egg (shell and all) into the green water. Let stand an hour. Refrigerate



Fill a shallow pan with green colored water add 1tsp vinegar, and tsp salt. Set water to simmer (not boiling), when bubbles start to form on the bottom (not top) reduce heat to medium. Swirl water. Gently crack egg into center careful not to break yolk. Cook for 3 – 4 minuets. Remove with slotted spoon.


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