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In need of quick snack ideas?

Here are a few to get the ball rolling.


Trail mix

(use leftover snacks at the end of the week)

For example: left over cereals, pretzels, nuts, Ritz bits, graham crackers, candy, etc.

Graham crackers & bananas

Banana pops

Peel a banana, dip it into melted chocolate or low fat yogurt, roll in crushed nuts and freeze on cookie sheets.

Veggie dips

(cut up veg and use Peanut butter or salad dressing, etc...)

Vanilla wafers & sliced fruit

Cookie cutter sandwiches

cut bread with cookie cutters. Spread with peanut butter, tuna, or lunch meat .

Skewer pieces of fruit or vegetables onto thin pretzels sticks

Apples & Peanut butter

Cereal (ie.Granola) & yogurt

Yogurt shakes.

Combine yogurt, fruit, and milk or juice in the blender and blend until smooth. For a more slushier shake add ice cubes.

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