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Cooking with children can be very rewarding!

On this page you will find Hints and Tips to help you get the most out of cooking with children.

  • Always supervise children


  • Wash hands


  • Keep hand out of mouth and hair


  • *Keep work area clean


  • *Clean as you go


  • Explain recipe & ingredients


  • Read recipe through


  • Get all ingredients and tools necessary


  • Expect spills


  • Expect mistakes


  • Have fun


  • Be patient


  • *Get messy




*Keeping your work area clean tip is mainly before and after.


Although cleaning while you go is ideal it is not always possible with little cooks.

For children getting messy is all part of the fun of cooking!

  • Store plates in a low cupboard so your child can help set the table.


  • Keep napkins and silverware in drawers they can reach.


  • Keep anything sharp up and back out of reach of children.


  • For any job that a child is not ready to do just tell them it is your turn (you may want to tell them why).

Some fun ideas:


  • Have breakfast for dinner
  • Have dinner for breakfast
  • Have dessert first
  • Have appetizers as a meal
  • Serve foods all of the same color
  • Serve a rainbow
  • Build with food (see recipe activities)
  • Make faces with different foods (see recipe activities)
  • Play a trick (see recipe activities)

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