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Orange Fizz (homemade orange soda)




Measuring cup or spoons


1tsp Baking Soda




~~Squeeze orange

~~Pour juice into measuring cup

~~Mark the amount

~~Pour into a glass

~~Pour same amount of water into measuring cup

~~Pour the water into glass with juice from the orange

~~Add baking soda





Add sugar to taste if you want it sweeter



Taste test between your homemade soda and a store bought soda


 The bubbling is a chemical reaction between a base and an acid. A base is a compound that gives off negatively charged hydrogen ions when dissolved in water, and an acid is a compound that gives off positively charged hydrogen ions when dissolved in water. When you mix the baking soda (a base) with the lemon or orange soda (an acid), they react and produce a fizzy gas called carbon dioxide. (The bubbles in store-bought sodas are also created by carbon dioxide, but they're added under pressure to water.)


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