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2 baby food jars


Food coloring or bio colors (red & blue or blue & yellow)

Card stock (3x5 index card)



Work over a sink or sensory table in case of spills


~~Fill one jar with hot water

~~Add food coloring

~~Fill second jar with clod water

~~Add the other color of food coloring

~~Add more hot water to the first jar until it is even with lip of jar

~~Place card stock over jar with hot water

~~Tap it in place (you want the card stock wet to form the seal)

~~Turn jar over quickly keeping card in place (hot water jar)

~~Place on top of cold water jar



The card will prevent the water from spilling out


~~ Have an adult hold the jars still

~~pull out card slowly



A thin purple line will show where the colors meet

 The red and blue water will not mix.


~~Ask the children why the colors don’t mix?

They do not mix because hot water (like hot air) rises.

Cold water (like cold air) sinks or moves downward.

~~Ask the children what they think will happen if you put the jar with cold water on top?

~~Try it.

Copyright 2006 Brighteyes Learning
Copyright 2005 Brighteyes Learning


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