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Is a Tomato a fruit or vegetable?


It depends on who you ask!


Ask a grocer and they may tell you it is a vegetable along with cucumbers, pumpkins, avocados, and peppers.


Ask a plant scientist (a botanist) and these are all considered fruits.


Vegetables are the roots (i.e... Carrots), tubers (i.e... potato), leaves (i.e.… spinach), stems (celery), or other edible parts of the plant.


*Most fruit plants contain the seeds of the plants

Fruits tend to grow on trees, vines, and bushes.

*Most Vegetables tend to have the edible part beneath the soil.


So what about nuts? Believe it or not they are considered fruits too (true nuts like chestnuts.)


*The word Most refers to the majority but not all of the varieties.

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