Magical Marshmallows

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Large Marshmallows
Microwave-safe Plate
Oven Mitts
Adults Help


*Put 2 Marshmallows on plate
*Put in Microwave
*Set for 1 min.
What happens to the marshmallows?
*With Adults help remove from microwave.
*Let Cool
*Take 1 and pull it, strech it, squish it,look at it, then eat it!
Describe how the marshmallow looks and tastes like.
*Watch the other marshmallow
What has happened to it?
*Pull, and shape it, then eat it!
Does it taste different?
How does it feel?

What's Going On?:

After about 20 seconds, the marshmallows start to puff up until they are 4 times their original size.
Marshmallows are made of sugar and water wrapped around lots and lots of air bubbles.
When you microwave marshmallows, the water heats up, which heats the sugar and the air. The air expands, and since the walls of the marshmallow are warm too, they're flexible--- so the marshmallow puffs up. When it cools the air bubblesshrink and the sugar gets hard.

For a bit of fun---
Use food coloring markers or a toothpick to draw a face on the marshmallow before putting it in the microwave.
Do Not microwave more than 2 min.
The marshmallows will burn and smell awful!

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Copyright 2005 Brighteyes Learning


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