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The Doorbell Rang

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Make enough cookies so each child in the class has at least 2

Get a bell of some kind


---Before beginning talk to the children about sharing and that you will be pretending to be the people in the story and to please wait before eating the cookies (older children will be okay)


*Hint: For smaller children you may want to use toy cookies and replace them at the end with the real cookies with grandma.


---Read the story at the table


---Follow the story starting with the same number of children (2)


--Count out the cookies each time they need to share more


---Ask another teacher to round up each set of children for each time the door bell rings


---Ask her to ring the bell at each point in the story.


*Hint: make sure you ring the bell as soon as called for.


---Lead the children for the first couple of times to say “as the doorbell rang” (they will get the idea).


---Ask another teacher or parent helper to be “grandma” with the new tray of cookies.


---**Children that I have done this with get such a kick out of this that they want to do it every time they have cookies for snacks.


This is also an activity that you may want to invite a parent in to read and you can do the doorbell and extra cookie tray.


Lots of fun!

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Copyright 2005 Brighteyes Learning


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