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Candy Critters 2 (text)

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Butterfly, ladybug or fly



String licorice any color

M & M minis

Marshmallows from lucky charms

Cereal pieces from lucky charms

Fruit roll ups or fruit by the foot

Fruit slices






Take 2 halves of fruit slice and moisten straight edge with a bit of water

Stick together

Take 1 piece of licorice and cut in half

Moisten fruit slice with water along seem

Place both pieces of licorice on top leaving a bit hanging off one end for antennas








Moon marshmallows (even #)

Cereal pieces



Moisten marshmallows with water

Stick onto either side of cereal piece




Unroll fruit roll up

Cut into wings

Moisten straight edge with water

Overlap pieces slightly

Take 1 fruit slice

Moisten straight edge

Put on fruit roll up on seem standing up

Cut licorice so you have at least 4 small pieces

Take 2 small pieces of licorice and attach to fruit slice for antennas

Use the other 2 pieces of licorice for legs

Attach to front bottom of fruit slice or to the underside of fruit roll up so a bit sticks out.

Add m & m minis for spots









2 fruit slices

Moisten with water and attach to each other

M & M minis for spots

Cut fruit roll up into a circle slightly smaller then connected fruit slices (this is for the wings)

Cut a slit into fruit roll up circle about to the middle

Moisten the end that is not slit

Attach to fruit slices on top of m & ms

Fold slit side just a bit at corners


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Copyright 2005 Brighteyes Learning


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